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2010 - Posts
It can be easy to find background information, but it may not always be useful in determining what type employee someone will be
Employees that have used up all their sick days feel compelled to come to work ill — and that’s a recipe for a disengaged workforce
Holiday parties need to find the right balance between fun and liability
Should there be consequences for employees with frivolous claims?
When privacy restrictions interfere with running the workplace efficiently
Some parts of sexual harassment — physical touching, malicious language — are obvious. But some of it is murky and subjective
Facebook firing shows the blurring line between person time, work-related misconduct in a 24-7 world
Finding just cause a frustrating prospect for employers, as the case of the truck driver who couldn’t cross the border shows
Is an employer obligated to trust an employee after a bad lapse in judgment?
The question of liability for employee actions is even more important when safety violations turn into criminal charges
Courts may recognize an employer’s right to protect its interest, but there is plenty of room for interpretation when it comes to what is reasonable and fair
There's no shortage of ways employees can get intoxicated — but should the employer's reaction vary on the substance?
If unsafe conditions are found to have been caused by onsite negligence rather than improper safety procedures, how much liability should an employer have?
Should employers who make drugs and alcohol be expected to keep on employees who are addicts?
How far do employers have to go when accommodating personal lives? Case involving Canada Border Services Agency provides more insight
Sports teams play from a different rulebook when it comes to human rights — but does that include discrimination?