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2011 - Posts
Should employees who make threats be fired or given another chance?
Refusing to provide reference letters doesn’t really make sense
Employers have an obligation to accommodate but it doesn’t have to be exactly the way the employee wants it

Sending them home

Nov 29, 2011
Suspensions are a serious form of discipline — when should an employer use them?
Can a thieving employee be trusted again, regardless of the reason for stealing?
Employees on probation at the start of their employment aren’t that easy to fire
Whose responsibility is it to get things started?
Determining when and where an employee is ‘in the course of employment’ can be a grey area for workers’ compensation
Safety versus privacy dispute revived as Toronto transit workers face random drug and alcohol testing
How serious should the discipline be when employees are caught smoking in the workplace?
Should verbal threats be treated the same as physical attacks in the workplace?
Not knowing about employer’s standards of conduct doesn’t get employee off the hook for conduct that violates normal standards of common sense
Employers’ interests can come into conflict with employees’ freedoms on some second jobs

Stressing the point

Sep 20, 2011
How an employee handles stress can indicate if she’s right for the job – unless it’s a sign of a more serious condition
If an employee disappears for a few days without any communication, is it job abandonment?
Does laying on a guilt trip make an employer responsible for an employee quitting?
Has the ‘corporate killing law’ made workplaces safer and changed employers’ ways?
Is expressing one’s feelings to a co-worker or subordinate sexual harassment?
Working notice often frowned upon, but may have its advantages for employers
Australian employee files workers' comp claim after being injured while having sex on business trip
Ignoring poor behaviour of manager who 'gets results' can be bad for bottom line and reputation
Employers should have a plan for when the workplace gets too warm
New Brunswick employer wins appeal in case that looked at dangerous versus 'ultra' dangerous workplaces
It can be tough to cut ties with employees who quit in the heat of the moment and then change their minds — even if the employee has quit more than once
Termination provisions can help reduce costs for employers, but aren’t much use without the employee’s signature
Ontario health and safety decision on accident reporting requirements means the definition of a workplace could be pretty broad
Case involving twins raises question: Should parental leave benefits be per pregnancy or per child?
Employers’ right to protect sensitive information versus employees’ right to earn a living
As maximum fines for safety violations increase, do they really help prevent workplace accidents?
Case of worker with environmental hypersensitivity raises question about where the accommodation bar should be set if the employee can’t come into work
Does simply expressing an unpopular opinion online warrant discipline or dismissal by employer?
Employers should be wary about what they ask a job applicant during an interview – even in passing
Level of privacy employees can expect on work computers still unsure
Simply giving notice of fundamental job changes probably isn’t enough
How serious should a breach of trust be to warrant dismissal for medical professionals?

The ties that bind

Apr 12, 2011
A dismissed employee’s presence might be felt for quite awhile if she needs benefits during the notice period
Company hit with extra damages could have saved itself some trouble with more consideration for cancer-stricken employee
Not being straight with an employer can turn a minor disciplinary issue into a capital offence for employees
Friendly personal relationships at work can be nice, but workplace boundaries are different from regular socializing

A flap over Twitter

Mar 14, 2011
Worker fired for posting profane tweet on Chrysler’s Twitter account — but was dismissal the appropriate penalty?
When it comes to harassment complaints, never give an employee the brush-off — no matter how incredible the claim may be
Mental distress experienced by fired employees can be caused by different factors. How do you distinguish what warrants damages?
Advance preparation a wise strategy when new legislation is coming down the pipe
Recent court decision means employers must include more than just their employees in health and safety planning

Taking a snow day

Feb 8, 2011
Is there an obligation to protect employees from dangerous commuting in severe weather?
Can a lack of common sense that threatens safety be fixed through progressive discipline?

Power and privacy

Jan 24, 2011
Should privacy commissioners have the power to punish?
Will recent decision start a trend of employees not accepting changes but continuing to work?

Playing head games

Jan 11, 2011
Mental stress causing more headaches for employers
Employers can no longer depend on retirement to refresh the workforce